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If you’re in need of home cleaning, apartment cleaning, or a maid service, we’re simply the best, most convenient home cleaning service way to book a cleaning. We know you want the a well-priced cleaning while still having the confidence that your cleaning will be thorough and professional. Ofelia’s offers just that kind of service, so call now.


The cost of your Maid Service in Fontana ultimately depends on a number of variables, including the number of rooms, square footage and the type of service you choose. For the most accurate cleaning estimate, we need to know more about your Maid Service needs. 

We have over 12 employees to guarantee a great Maid Service in the city of Fontana, CA. and cities around.
Our main thing is customer satisfaction. We want to make sure you as a customer are happy and thinking of calling us back for a second time, or even better to keep us as your two times per month Maid Company.

How to book a Maid Service in Fontana, CA.

The best way and most easiest way to book any time of cleaning services, such ascarpet cleaning FontanaJanitorial cleaning in Fontana. Is by giving the Maid Service company, a call and request for them to book an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE. In case you don’t get a respond from this company, then the other best, option is to go to their Cleaning Service Website.

  • Within this website, you will be able to add your name, email, phone number, and address.
  • Cleaning companies most of the time, have a dedicated team member, looking at this bookings and you should get a confirmation about your appointment.
  • Cleaning Company will show up to your location on the M/D/Y that you have provided and will proceed to give you a total FREE ESTIMATE.

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