Electrostatic Disinfecting

Looking for serious disinfecting for your home, or for a move-in/move-out? The superior method of electrostatic disinfecting is now available in Fontana, CA. and surrounding areas.


Home Disinfecting Services

Your residential Electrostatic disinfecting service will completely disinfect all surfaces and touchpoints in every room in your home.
You can direct our technician as to all the areas you would like disinfected; inside closets, garage, tools, vehicle interiors, etc.

Contact us for a quote. We will then book your service within hours for an emergency call-out, or within a day or two for regular service. When the service is complete, you will have an option to pay cash or with card. 

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Do you have a plan to protect your staff, customers and building occupants from the spread of illness?

Do you need a deep disinfecting of your home?

Do you have a plan if you have a positive COVID case in your business or home?

In partnership with Clorox, our electrostatic disinfecting service kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds and is Health Canada registered to kill 44 organisms including Coronavirus, Norovirus, cold/flu viruses and more in 2 minutes or less.

Contact us about our electrostatic disinfecting services.

Available in Fontana, CA | Ontario, CA | Rancho Cucamonga, CA | Montclair, CA | Riverside, CA | Upland, CA | Corona, CA | Rialto, CA | San Bernardino County, CA and surrounding areas. Just tell us what you need:

One-time service for business and home.

Emergency call-outs for positive COVID-19 cases – we will be on-site within hours.

Weekly disinfecting programs for on-going illness prevention. Includes preferred pricing, emergency call-out priority and signage to let staff and customers know your facility is regularly disinfected using electrostatic technology.

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