Ofelia's Housekeeping
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Monday, October 22nd, 2018


Why should I use your service?

  1. Ofelia's Housekeeping is a professional residential and commercial cleaning service, bonded and insured
  2. Equipment and supplies used are top of the line eco-friendly products
  3. We use strict-color coding Microfiber cleaning cloths and mopping programs to increase soil and matter containment and removal
  4. Flat-mopping technology is used to increase efficiencies, improve soil removal and further eliminate cross contamination with our no dip methods
  5. We use only hospital-grade disinfectant in all cleaning compounds delivering the highest efficiency on the market today
  6. Our vacuuming is done with a Supercoach back pack multi-filtration high-efficiency vacuum with technology providing air filtering down to 3 microns

What should I do before a home cleaning service?
Pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to a visit from our housekeeping teams.

How many housekeepers will clean my home?
We send a minimum of 2 staff members with additional staff sent as needed, depending on the size and amount of cleaning to be done. Most of the time the same team will clean your home if you subscribe to a regular cleaning schedule.

What if my housekeepers miss a spot?
If our housekeepers miss an area that was scheduled to be cleaned, we will return within 24 hours to correct and clean this mistake at no charge.

Will I need to provide cleaning supplies or equipment?
No. We come prepared with all the cleaning supplies necessary. However, if you request, we are happy to clean with your preferred products.

Do I need to be home during house cleanings?
No. We conduct our cleaning Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and since most of our customers aren't home they trust us with the key to their home. For additional security, all house keys are secured in a safe location.

What time will you arrive?
We can't guarantee what time residential housekeepers will arrive, however they will be as precise as possible at the time indicated when scheduled. There could be a 1-2 hour delay based on the prior scheduled home and/or traffic to arrive at your location. Ofelia's Housekeeping will advise you if there will be a delay in arriving to your residence.

What if I need to reschedule my maid service?
Please call 24 hours before your regularly scheduled home cleaning and we can re-schedule for a more convenient time.

How do I pay for residential cleaning services?
Payments are due the day of your scheduled home cleaning service. Most customers find it convenient to simply leave a check in the home, made payable to Ofelia's Housekeeping, or you can pay with a credit card. We only accept cash or credit card for an initial cleaning or one time service.

What is green house cleaning?
Green house cleaning involves products, methods and business practices employed by companies to promote both a healthier home and world environment. Green cleaning products do not contain ingredients with ozone depleting substances or flammable chemicals that may irritate skin. Truly green products do not kill harmful bacteria and germs. Companies with green cleaning services should use highly-concentrated cleaners that require less product, as well as, employ business practices that encourage using recyclable packaging. Consumers must watch out for "green washing," a term used by environmentalists to define companies that falsely advertise environmentally-safe products or services.

Are green cleaning services offered in my area?
Yes. Green cleaning is available for an additional charge.

Payments accepted

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