Ofelia's Housekeeping
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Monday, November 12th, 2018

Cleaning Check List


√  Clean, sanitize

√  Scrub and wash tile walls

√  Clean and sanitize toilets

√  Polish chrome

√  Vanities, sink cleaned and sanitize

√  Clean mirrors

√  Spewed and wash floors

√  Dust all baseboards


√  Polish stainless steel appliances

√  Clean appliances exteriors only

  Clean counter tops

√  Wipe down cabinets

  Clean Table and chairs

  Clean and sanitize sink

√  Clean inside and outside of microwave

  Clean top of refrigerator

  Floor sweep and washed

Other Rooms:

  Clean Window sills

  Clean, dust, and vacuum

  Dust furniture, wood work,and shelves

  Vacuum furniture

  Picture frames and mirrors

  Cob webs removed

  Empty and clean wastebaskets

  Dust all baseboards

  Vacuum carpets or sweep wash floors

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